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MHC specializes in manufacturing:
1) Snaps   2) Swivels
3) Hooks & Imitation Baits 4) Crimps & Accessories

  With 28 years of industry experiences, our products have recorded remarkable performance in both quality and prices. Our manufacturing plants are in Taiwan, which brings you the competitive advantages of low costs but assured quality. With our continuous investment in upgrading production equipments and strengthening quality control, you can be assured that MHC products are of the highest quality and most competitive prices.

  If you are a manufacturer, MHC’s competitive advantages of low costs and high quality will help you “cost down” on any current or future projects. We welcome any outsourcing inquiries and strategic alliances in new project development. Simply provide your specification, drawing, or samples and we will have your RFQ processed right away.

We also have the following products available through our associated suppliers:
1)Main& Branch Lines   2) Floats &Tools

  To achieve true cost reduction, MHC has associated plants specialized in manufacturing monofilament lines, floats, and other accessories. While we focus on manufacturing all metal related products, specialization of these plants in producing lines and floats guarantees great quality and low cost. If you do not see the items you are interested in our website, just ask. MHC’s extensive experience in the industry can help you source any products through low cost and high quality suppliers, who might not have the language skills or trading experience to serve you. MHC charges only a small percentage fee for this service.